A virtual studio to record your podcast with remote guests and co-hosts

Most generic tools complicate things for all parties, and yield low-quality recordings.

Fusioncast makes it easy to record every participant remotely, on separate audio & video tracks captured locally in high-quality, and saved automatically in the cloud. All through the browser.

Fusioncast is currently in private beta, but you can subscribe now for early access, or learn more below.

Delight your audience with high-quality audio & video

And in the process, indulge your guests, your co-hosts, and yourself.

Easy connection

A shareable link lets your guests or co-hosts easily join a recording session using their browser. No account needed.

Local recording

Each participant is recorded locally, generating separate tracks of high-quality stereo WAV audio and MP4 video.

Live uploading

Fusioncast uploads all tracks while you are recording. Your recordings are available shortly after local recording stops.

Automatic backup

In addition to recording locally, Fusioncast automatically records a backup saved in the cloud.

Scheduled sessions

Schedule a recording session with guests or co-hosts. Everyone gets automatically notified.

Anytime sessions

Reusable sessions you can create to record on a whim, or to use with other tools like Calendly or SavvyCal.

Screen sharing

Participants have the option to share their screen during a session. Screenshare recording coming soon.


Basic chat is available to all participants during a recording session.

Multiple podcasts

Have more than one podcast? No problem. You can record as many podcasts as you'd like.

And this is only the beginning. We continue to build and improve Fusioncast to make your podcasting life easier.

Subscribe for early access

Fusioncast is currently in private beta, but you can subscribe now to be among the first to know when we launch.

    Who's behind this anyway?


    Hi, I'm Mario

    I'm a software engineer and indie maker in California. I've been coding since the late 80's and building things online since the early days of the web. I'm the creator and founder of Fusioncast, and I'd like to thank you for being here, and for your interest in using Fusioncast to record your podcast. If you have any questions about Fusioncast, please feel free to reach out on Twitter or send an email anytime.