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Join a video call with your guest or co-host and record locally

Your guests or co-hosts can easily join you in a session by following a friendly Fusioncast link to your podcast's virtual recording studio. Once connected, everyone can record locally and get separate tracks of high-quality WAV audio and MP4 video. Have more than one podcast? No problem. You can record multiple podcasts on Fusioncast, each with a unique studio link.

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Continuous Upload

Fusioncast records locally and continuously uploads all audio and video streams to the cloud in near real-time. This means you don't need to wait for local files to be uploaded at the end of the recording session. Your files are available shortly after local recording stops.

Automatic Backup

In addition to recording locally, Fusioncast automatically records a backup saved in the cloud. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with local recording, Fusioncast has everyone in the session covered. No more worrying about losing your tracks.

Video Composition

Cloud recording (backup) serves a dual purpose. Fusioncast uses the session's cloud recordings to automatically combine everyone's separate tracks into one video grid composition. Expand your audience by also publishing your podcast on popular video platforms.

Scheduled Sessions

Schedule a recording session with guests or co-hosts right from Fusioncast. Everyone is automatically notified via email. Need to reschedule? Everyone is automatically notified with the new information when you update the scheduled session.


Email notifications are sent to your invited guests when you schedule a session. A reminder is sent the day before. Your editor (your human editor, not the software) gets notified at the end of the session, when all recordings are ready for them to download.


Your guests don't need an account to join a session. Up to 4 participants per session. Screen sharing and built-in chat available in the studio. Devoted customer support that only a passionate indie maker with a bootstrapped startup can provide. More in the works!

Podcast Handle

A podcast handle is generated from your podcast's name. The handle is a unique identifier used to create a link that goes directly to your podcast's virtual studio on Fusioncast. Your guests or co-hosts can join you in a recording session via this link.

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    "Thanks for your interest in Fusioncast!

    Hi, I'm Mario, a software engineer, creator and founder of Fusioncast. I'm grateful for you even considering Fusioncast as your podcast recording solution. As an indie maker, my top priorities are to build a secure, reliable software product, and to take care of Fusioncast customers through what I call ongoing devoted customer support. I'm currently (as of November 2020) putting all my focus on getting Fusioncast ready for private beta. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email to Take care, be good, and be kind. I hope to see you soon on Fusioncast."

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