Released February 8, 2022


  • Improved handling of network connection interruption while in the studio, allowing for a more smooth process of re-joining the session when the connection is back.

  • Added a password meter to the UI where needed, to encourage the creation of strong passwords.

  • Alert notification in the studio (for the host) to let you know if a guest is requesting to join another one of your sessions, different than the one you're in (rare, but can happen).


  • Updated password requirements.

  • Include the session name in request-to-join notifications.

  • Include notification date/time in request-to-join notifications.


  • Issue where a participant's request to join a session could be routed to the wrong session and be allowed to join.

  • Some inconsistencies in the way recording status was updated through the life cycle of a recording.

  • Some other minor issues under-the-hood, mainly dealing with third-party systems.