The Fusioncast story

A short account of how Fusioncast came to be.
By Mario Rodriguez

I've been an avid podcast listener for many years. I also co-hosted a short-lived podcast a few years back. Over the years I've worked on several different ideas and projects, trying to find something that could become a viable business. Some of those projects never saw the light of day, and some were launched but never gained any traction. However, going through those experiences each time resulted in lots of personal growth, gained knowledge, and lessons learned.

Fast forward to 2019, I was looking around, trying to find an opportunity to build something useful, that solved a problem in a space that I'm familiar with and care about, with a market that already had traction. And there it was: podcasting. At the time I was also interested in launching a new podcast, so I thought, what if I create a software product to record my podcast? I had never built a product of that nature, so I was immediately attracted to the idea of building this thing that would allow me to learn something new, and build something useful in the space and market I had identified.

Fusioncast has been in development since December of 2019. At first, it started as an experiment to see if I could even pull it off. Then through much learning, trials and tribulations, it turned into a prototype that barely worked. Then a prototype that was promising. And now an actual product in private beta that's already being used successfully by a few people to record their podcast.

As of June 2021, Fusioncast continues to be developed and improved based on the valuable feedback received so far.

If you'd like to follow along our journey, or be notified when we launch, you can subscribe now for early access.

Published 2021-06-07 23:00:00